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Boy or girl?

  • 2013-01-16 15:00:00
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A popular morning infotainment show on Fuji TV in November reported on the increasing number of Japanese men in their late teens to early 30s who are interested in dressing like women, highlighting the opening in Tokyo’s Akihabara district of a café staffed by men in drag, as well as the growing popularity of a website featuring blogs authored by “cross-dressers.” Those men reportedly say they want to turn into “someone else” by dressing like women and wearing makeup and want to be told they look cute. The show said the phenomenon reflects the recent trend in which Japanese men are becoming less masculine, or in the current Japanese idiom, “soshoku danshi” (herbivore boys), as opposed to “nikushoku joshi” (carnivore girls),” who are aggressive in their desire to have it all.

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