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Key measures in FY2015 budget

  • 2015-01-15 15:00:00
  • , Sankei
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(Sankei: January 15, 2015 – p. 3)


Medical and health care

◂Improvement of fiscal policy supporting the national health insurance program


◂Promotion of medical testing for female-specific cancer


◂Promotion of leading-edge medical service and development of new medicines

103.2 billion yen



1.2 billion yen



124.8 billion yen

Education, child rearing

◂Provision of 3,000 yen per person every year for households with children


◂School expense subsidies for high school students and others


◂Reduction of kindergarten fees for households with annual income of less than 2.7 million yen to 3,000 yen per month


◂Support for management reforms of private universities in regional areas

58.7 billion yen



299.5 billion yen



32.3 billion yen




4.5 billion yen



◂Support for small- and medium-sized companies’ efforts for cooperation with research institutions


◂Increase in employment rate of local university students within regions


◂Job assistance for companies that hire released prisoners

12.9 billion yen




4.4 billion yen



400 million yen

Food, agriculture

◂Securing of people to run farms and support for farm business inheritance


◂Measures to ease decline in income due to drop in rice prices


◂Promotion of exports of agricultural, forestry, and fishery products such as Japanese beef

19.5 billion yen




80.2 billion yen



2.3 billion yen


◂Strengthening of distribution networks in three major urban areas


◂Acceleration of construction of new Shinkansen lines


◂Prevention of additional disasters in areas that suffered from floods or landslide disasters


◂Increase in number of immigration clearance booths at Haneda, New Chitose, Naha and other airports

237.9 billion yen



75.5 billion yen



25.3 billion yen



500 million yen

Secure and safe society

◂Payment of annually 6,000 yen per capita to households exempt from residential tax


◂Support for employment and self-reliance of needy persons


◂Promotion of quakeproofing of waterworks


◂Measures against dangerous drugs, including an increase in analysis equipment

132 billion yen



40 billion yen



30.8 billion yen


300 million yen


Environment, science

◂Research and development of robotic technology to be introduced in such areas as medical and nursing care services


◂Support for initial research on geothermal power generation


◂Promotion of development of new core robot

11.1 billion yen




8 billion yen



12.5 billion yen

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