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Editorial: Japan should join hands with Islamic society

  • 2015-02-03 15:00:00
  • , Nikkei
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(Nikkei: February 3, 2015 – p. 2)


 The recent hostage incident perpetrated by the militant group Islamic State has revealed the reality that there is a militant group that labels Japan as an “enemy.” Japan needs to understand that it is faced with the threat of terrorism. Taking this into consideration, we hope the government will respond to the situation in a calm manner.


 Unnecessarily stepping up protests and criticism of Islamic society and regarding Islamic society as an enemy will only end up benefiting the militant group. This is because their aim is to create confusion in international society while dividing society into pro- and anti-Islamic groups.


 Japan has never used arms in the Middle East, and has contributed to peace and stability in the region through business operations and providing technology. We should be proud of this. From a humanitarian standpoint, Japan is now providing aid by supplying food and medical services as anti-terrorism measures.


 The recent hostage incident demonstrated that there are rogues who fail to understand Japan’s position. Needless to say, Japan should take measures to contain terrorists without yielding to terrorism and should support international efforts.


 However, we must not view Islamic society itself as dangerous or subscribe to the “hate versus hate” mentality driven by the militant group.


 It goes without saying most people in Islamic society have nothing to do with terrorism. Muslims living in Japan were extremely concerned about the safety of two hostages and criticized the militant group.


 What we are concerned about are the extremely aggressive remarks that have been observed on the Internet and other venues. The spread of hate speech instigating discrimination against specific races has become a problem. Narrow-minded exclusionism will only make the situation worse.


 Japan must deepen its communications with Islamic society more than ever while continuing to strengthen cooperation with various countries to eradicate terrorism. This is the way to avoid producing any more victims.

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