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Short takes from the weeklies

  • 2015-02-18 15:00:00
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 Half-Japanese, half-French Kabuki actor

 [Shukan Shincho, 2/19/2015 issue, p. 49]


o “Actually, there was a Kabuki actor of mixed parentage in the past,” said Tetsuro Nakamura, a theater critic.” Nakamura added: “It was Ichimura Uzaemon XV, who performed from the Meiji period through the early Showa period. His mother was the child of a concubine for the lord of the former Echizen-han feudal clan, and his father was a French-born diplomatic advisor hired by the Meiji government. The child was adopted and brought up by Ichimura Uzaemon XIV.”


o Later on, the child inherited the name of Ichimura Uzaemon and became the manager of the distinguished Ichimura-za theater, one of the three officially recognized Kabuki theaters of Edo.


o “He was slender with beautiful legs. He was revered as the Kabuki actor with the ‘million-dollar legs.’ He was also popular for his voice tinged with sadness, and he was an actor who dominated the Kabuki theater world.” (Nakamura)

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