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Gist of PM Abe’s remarks on farm minister’s resignation

  • 2015-02-24 15:00:00
  • , Mainichi
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(Mainichi: February 24, 2015 – p. 5)


 Following is the gist of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s remarks at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence:


 Q: What do you think of Agriculture Minister Koya Nishikawa’s resignation and your responsibility for appointing him?


 Abe: I have accepted Minister Nishikawa’s resignation. He said that his personal issues had caused serious problems for the Diet and the Cabinet, and precious deliberation time was being wasted. Mr. Nishikawa did a good job on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations, agricultural cooperative reform, and agricultural administration reform. I asked him to stay on but he was determined to resign. I have asked Mr. Yoshimasa Hayashi, who served under the Abe administration for nearly two years previously, to be his replacement.


 This resignation came suddenly. I was responsible for appointing Mr. Nishikawa, so I would like to apologize to the people. I would like to fulfill my responsibility by implementing new agricultural administration and promoting policies vigorously.


 Q: How will this impact the TPP talks and agricultural cooperative reform?


 Abe: Mr. Hayashi was also involved in the TPP talks as the agriculture minister in the previous cabinet. He is well-versed on the situation, so there will be no adverse effect.


 Q: This is the third resignation by a minister since the second reshuffled Abe cabinet.


 Abe: I would like to fulfill my responsibility by promoting policies vigorously. The economy is at a critical juncture. We would like to unite and move forward with economic policies without delay.

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