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List of female small business owners and entrepreneurs

  • 2015-02-24 15:00:00
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(Bungeishunju: March 2015 – pp. 242 – 243)


Takako Suwa (43 years old)

President, Daiya Seiki Co., Ltd. (Ota Ward, Tokyo)


Became president at the age of 32 after her father’s death.


Succeeded in turning the company around in the midst of economic stagnation.

Ayumi Shimada (47)

President, Sugiyama Seisakusho Co. Ltd. (Seki City, Gifu Prefecture)


Switched the company, which originally was an auto parts manufacturer, to a furniture manufacturer.

Chika Tsubouchi (28)

Representative, Hagi Oshima Sendanmaru (Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture)


Using her career as a consultant to promote fishing as sixth-order industry.

Kumi Imamura (35)

CEO and founder of Katariba, a nonprofit that provides career education to 170,000 high school students and after-school free classes in quake-hit areas.

Yoko Matsuoka (43)

Vice president for technology at Nest Labs


Robot researcher, co-founder of Google X

Fujiyo Ishiguro (57)

CEO, Neyear Group


Leading Japan’s e-commerce business.


Started an enterprise in Silicon Valley

Tamako Mitarai (29)

President, Kesennuma Knitting Co., founded after the 3/11 earthquake, after working at a foreign affiliated consulting firm and Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness Commission as first prime minister’s follow.

Rin Kobayashi (40)

Founded Japan’s first international boarding school in Karuizawa.


Making efforts for nurturing elites in Asia.

Eriko Yamaguchi (33)

CEO, Motherhouse


Produces and sells high quality bags made in Bangladesh.


Annual turnover of 600 million yen (in 2013).

Kyoko Yokota (38)

President, Colabolabo Co., Ltd., staff agency


Runs “joseishacho net.”

Yuriko Kato (40)

President, M-square Lab


Aiming to develop and spread agricultural robots.


Awarded with the grand prize for women entrepreneurs (hosted by Development Bank of Japan).

Naoko Saho (31)

President, Coiney, which provides smartphone-based payment services. Awarded with the prize for women entrepreneurs this year (hosted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

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