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Short takes from the weeklies

  • 2015-03-10 15:00:00
  • , Yomiuri
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 Infographic on Japan’s defense spending

 [Shukan Toyo Keizai, 3/14/2015 issue, p. 72]


o Personnel and maintenance costs account for over 60% of the defense budget.



 18 years old

 [Shukan Posuto, 3/20/2015 issue, pp. 36-37]


o “We don’t need the Juvenile Law for 18-year-olds if we give them the right to vote.” (Beat Takeshi, referring to a bill to lower the legal voting age to “18 and over” and the recent arrests of an 18-year-old “boy” and two other teens over the alleged murder of a 13-year-old in Kawasaki)


 “The bad cholesterol (LDL) was not ‘bad'”

 [Shukan Posuto, 3/20/2015 issue, pp. 56-58]


o A total cholesterol of up to 250mg/dl is healthy, according to a fact-finding survey conducted by a research group of Yoichi Ogushi, a professor emeritus at Tokai University and the director of the Ogushi Medical Information & Research Institute, which traced about 26,000 people (aged 40 and over), male and female, residing in the city of Isehara, Kanagawa Prefecture, for 8 years on average.


o The research group’s survey found that the healthy level of LDL was 72 to 183 mg/dl for men in their early 60s.



 [Shukan Posuto, 3/20/2015 issue, p. 59]


o The Yomiuri Shimbun’s circulation was down by more copies than that of the Asahi Shimbun, which faced the most serious crisis since its founding on account of its string of falsified reports.



Copies sold


(July thru Dec. 2014 average)

Change since 2013


Yomiuri Shimbun




Asahi Shimbun




Mainichi Shimbun




Nihon Keizai Shimbun




Sankei Shimbun




 Fallout from megaquake-linked eruptions

 [Shukan Posuto, 3/20/2015 issue, p. 59]


o In the past, great volcanic eruptions always occurred within four years after a M9-class megaquake.


o It’s now been four years since the Great East Japan Earthquake. The Meteorological Agency, in its Feb. 24 press release, alerted us to activity of four volcanoes in the Tohoku region—Mt. Hakkodasan [in Aomori Prefecture], Mt. Akita Komagatake [in Akita Prefecture], Mt. Zaosan [straddling Yamagata Prefecture and Miyagi Prefecture], and Mt. Azumayama [straddling Yamagata Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture].


o Mt. Fuji, Mt. Asama, and Izu Oshima Island are also highly likely to erupt.


o “If Mt. Fuji should again erupt spewing a large amount of volcanic ash as it did in 1707, the amount of ash might be 14 times greater than the debris left after the Great East Japan Earthquake.” (Kosuke Nakazawa, chief editor for “,” a risk management magazine)


 Japan Inc.

 [Shukan Gendai, 3/21/2015 issue, p. 49]


o “I will also continue to buy Japanese stocks for a while.” (Jim Rogers, 72, one of the world’s big three investors, along with Warren Buffett and George Soros, in an exclusive interview with Shukan Gendai)



 [Shukan Gendai, 3/21/2015 issue, p. 59]


o “That’s it! I’ve had it with her. She isn’t cut out for the Diet.” (Ichiro Ozawa, a lawmaker seated in the House of Representatives and president of the People’s Life Party [& Taro Yamamoto and Friends], quoted as complaining to his aides about Ryoko Tani, 39, a House of Councillors member of the party, aka “Yawara-chan,” and one of the “Ozawa Girls”)


o “Ryoko Tani wants to remain a Diet member until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She’s thinking of breaking away from PLP President Ozawa, and she’s going to run for the House of Councillors election in the summer of next year from the Democratic Party of Japan. In the meantime, the DPJ is now looking around for female star lawmakers after Renho, so the DPJ wants Tani to come. I think Ryoko Tani is highly likely to become a DPJ lawmaker in the summer of next year.” (HIrotada Asakawa, political commentator)


 “Alas, China business”

 [Shukan Gendai, 3/21/2015 issue, p. 61]


o “In China, there are copycat factories coming after copycat factories that came after copycat factories. In this way, there are more and more copycat factories. And now there are even fourth-generation copycat factories.” (Masahiro Watanabe, president of Biogenic Co., Ltd., whose technical know-how was stolen by a Chinese employee who built a copycat factory near Biogenic’s plant in China)


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