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Letters from students

  • 2015-03-20 15:00:00
  • , Yomiuri
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(The Yomiuri Teen‘s Weekly: March 20, 2015 – p. 11)


 Society should address issue of same-sex marriage

 By Ami Hayase, a fourth grader, Sano Nihon Daigaku Secondary School, Tochigi Prefecture


 I read a newspaper story on gender diversity the other day. The municipal office of Shibuya Ward in Tokyo said that it will issue a document equivalent to marriage certificate to same-sex couples. An ordinance bill on this matter was also presented to the ward assembly in March, marking Shibuya become Japan’s first district to embrace gender diversity.


 Same-sex marriage is already endorsed in Europe and the U.S. But in Japan, the practice is illegal. Some people even object same-sex partnerships. A private-sector survey shows that 70% of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people were bullied when they were in school.


 Society is changing rapidly. How will Japan handle the issue of gender minorities? I cannot become indifferent to this.


 Japan’s virtues should not be disregarded amid globalization

 By Yusuke Arai, a sophomore, Shibuya Kyoiku Gakuen Senior High School


 In a global age, we are expected to keep a close eye on the world.


 But I sometimes hear people unconditionally applauding foreign countries and disregarding Japan’s virtues. They label the Japanese school system as “meaningless,” because it is not designed to foster discussion, and criticize the Japanese as passive. These opinions make me feel as if Japan were a bad country.


 But that is not true. I have lived in the U.K. and China, but I have been fond of Japan regardless of where I was. Japan boasts a world-class education system, and I have a deep respect for the consideration the Japanese show others. Of course there are things that Japan should improve, but I personally feel that I want to acquire an in-depth knowledge about Japan before studying about the world.

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