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Gov’t to urge smaller companies to raise wages

  • 2015-03-25 15:00:00
  • , Yomiuri
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(Yomiuri: March 25, 2015 – p. 2)


 The government has decided to restart “talks between the government, corporate sector leaders, and labor unions” soon. During the spring wage negotiations for 2014, the government held the three-way talks only during the period between the fall and the end of 2013. The government intends to call on business circles to encourage small- and mid-sized companies to raise wages by holding the trilateral talks immediately after the conclusion of the annual spring labor-management negotiations of leading manufacturers.


 At a press conference after the cabinet meeting on March 24, Minister in charge of Economic Revitalization Akira Amari stated: “We will ask (business circles) to make efforts to spur wage hikes and raise payments for work taken on by subcontractors.”


 The participants are expected to include Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Amari, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga, Keidanren [Japan Business Federation] Chairman Sadayuki Sakakibara, Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman (JCCI) Akio Mimura, and Rengo [Japanese Trade Union Confederation] President Nobuaki Koga.


 The government will apparently not only directly call on the JCCI to raise wages but also urge Keidanren to increase payments made by large corporations for work taken on by subcontractors so that smaller companies will be able to raise their wages. (Abridged)

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