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Secretaries general of LDP, Komeito report to PM Abe on their China trip

(Mainichi: March 26, 2015 – p. 5)


 Liberal Democratic Party Secretary General Sadakazu Tanigaki and Komeito Secretary General Yoshihisa Inoue reported on the results of their trip to Beijing to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on March 25.


 Tanigaki and Inoue informed Abe that they agreed with the Chinese Communist Party to resume exchanges between the LDP-Komeito ruling coalition and the Chinese Communist Party before the end of this year. The meetings had been suspended since 2009.


 Tanigaki told reporters afterward: “It’s not enough yet, but we’ve been moving in the right direction ever since the informal summit between the Japanese and Chinese leaders (in November 2014). We were able to confirm the basic thinking of (the Chinese side) that they want to keep heading in that direction.”


 Tanigaki and Inoue held talks with Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Chairman Yu Zhengsheng, the fourth-highest-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party, in Beijing on March 23. The Japanese delegation met also with Wang Jiarui, chief of the Chinese Communist Party’s International Department.

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