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Short takes from the weeklies

  • 2015-04-02 15:00:00
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 Kantei & Fuji TV

 [Shukan Shincho, 4/9/2015 issue, p. 24]


o “Prime Minister Abe and Chairman Hisashi Hieda are golf mates. Which is indicative of the fact that Fuji Television is getting along swimmingly with the current administration. There is yet something else emblematic of their good relations. In April last year, the son of Nobuo Kishi, a House of Representatives member and Prime Minister Abe’s younger brother, and the daughter of Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato, in whom the prime minister has complete confidence, joined Fuji TV.” (a commercial TV reporter)



 [Shukan Shincho, 4/9/2015 issue, p. 34]


o “I’d say Mr. Hatoyama is ‘a hot-rodder of goodwill’. If he were acting in bad faith, we could do something. But there’s no way we can stop goodwill. When it comes to Crimea as well, he thinks he’s right. Now we must ask him to go back to outer space.” (Atsuo Ito, a political analyst, quoted as referring to former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s recent controversial visit to Crimea)



 [Shukan Shincho, 4/9/2015 issue, p. 126]


o Akitaka Saiki, administrative vice minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will mark two years in his current post in late June


o A MOFA source says: “From the start, Mr. Saiki was picked as vice minister at the direction of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. That’s why he had been expected to stay on for a third year. However, unexpectedly there’s been little progress in consultations between Japan and North Korea on its reinvestigation into the whereabouts of Japanese nationals abducted to the DPRK. Someone in the ministry says, ‘Mr. Saiki should resign to take responsibility.’ Another says, ‘We’ll never let him stay on.'”


o The source says the one behind this opinion is Deputy Foreign Minister Shinsuke Sugiyama, who is one year junior to Vice Minister Saiki.


o The source adds: “Mr. Sugiyama has been regarded as the most likely candidate to become the ‘next vice minister.’ But if Vice Minister Saiki stays on over a long period of time, someone who entered MOFA after Mr. Sugiyama may be appointed to the post of vice minister. So people close to Mr. Sugiyama are now waging an intelligence war and calling for Vice Minister Saiki to step down.”


o “I’m surrounded by enemies.” (MOFA Vice Minister Akitaka Saiki, quoted as commenting on the moves behind the scenes)


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