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U.S. imposes financial sanctions on Kodokai

  • 2015-04-23 15:00:00
  • , Asahi
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(Asahi: Evening Edition, April 22, 2015—p. 10)


 WASHINGTON—The United States will impose financial sanctions on Kodokai, a designated gangster organization headquartered in the city of Nagoya and a constituent member of Yamaguchigumi, and on its chairman, Teruaki Takeuchi, the U.S. Department of the Treasury said yesterday. The United States will freeze their U.S.-based assets and prohibit them from transacting business with U.S. citizens.


 The U.S. Treasury Department, in its press release, refers to Kodokai as “a principal group under Yamaguchigumi, Japan’s largest gangster organization, and an especially violent organization even within Yamaguchigumi.” According to the department, the United States is imposing financial sanctions, including those taken this time, on five Japanese gangster organizations, including Yamaguchigumi, Sumiyoshikai, and Inagawakai, and 13 of their leaders.

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