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LDP mulls enhancing sanctions on DPRK

(Mainichi: May 14, 2015 – p.2)


 As the report on the reinvestigation of the victims abducted by North Korea is being delayed, an opinion calling for enhancing sanctions against the DPRK has surfaced within the Liberal Democratic Party. The LDP launched on May 13 a project team (PT) to deliberate enhancing the economic sanctions. The PT will deliberate on re-imposing sanctions partially lifted when Pyongyang started the reinvestigation as well as additional sanctions, which will be put together by June. By increasing pressure on North Korea, the PT aims to press the DPRK to provide the report as early as possible.


 The PT is a simulation team for countermeasures against North Korea (chaired by Ichiro Tsukada, member of the House of Councilors). The LDP Chairman of the Headquarters for North Korean Abductions Keiji Furuya said in the first meeting on May 13, “Pressure is necessary to elicit dialogue.” The PT will hold a weekly meeting to discuss possible sanctions. If no progress is seen in the abduction issue by July by which the reinvestigation is expected to be completed, the PT will call on the government to implement sanctions against North Korea.


 Since the end of October last year when a consultation meeting was held in Pyongyang between DPRK’s special investigation committee and a Japanese delegation, official consultations have ground to a halt.

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