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Bestsellers in April 2015

  • Apreil 30, 2015
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The following is the monthly ranking of bestsellers released by book wholesaler Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc. (NIPPAN) on April 30:




 1.  Hibana by Naoki Matayoshi (comedian)



Hibana is a much-talked about book written by a well-known Japanese comedian. This is Matayoshi’s first novel. The author talks about laughter and the meaning of life. Matayoshi writes honestly about the foundation of human existence.

The book was nominated as a candidate for the Mishima Yukio Prize in 2015




Shika no Oh2.  Shika no O (two-volume book) by Nahoko Uehashi

[King of Deer]


The book is fantasy fiction about a mysterious infections disease. It won the Japan Bookseller’s Award, an annual Japanese literary award based on votes from bookstore clerks from across Japan. Uehashi writes juvenile fiction, mostly fantasy. She received the Hans Christian Anderson Award in 2014.






3. NARUTO Sakura Hiden – Shiren, Harukaze ni Nosete (comic book) by Masashi Kishimoto

[Naruto: Secret of Sakura – Thoughts of Love, Riding on a Spring Freeze]


Naruto is a Japanese manga series. “Sakura Hiden” is the third installment in the manga series. The manga series is available in 35 countries outside Japan.





Tenshitachi4.  Tenshitachi no Kagaikatsudo (five-volume fantasy book) by Sunako Kayata

[Extracurricular Activities of Angels]


The book is a light novel, which is a style of Japanese novel targeting teenagers. Light novels are typically not more than a few hundred pages long, equivalent to a novella in U.S. publishing terms.






bestsellers-201508-55.  Kazoku to Yu Yamai by Akiko Shimoju

[Illness called Family]


The book raises questions about the meaning of family.







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