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Hashimoto urges JIP to submit counterproposal to security legislation

  • 2015-06-24 15:00:00
  • , Asahi
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(Asahi: June 24, 2015 – p. 4)


 Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto, supreme adviser to the Japan Innovation Party (JIP), met with JPP leader Yorihisa Matsuno in Okinawa Prefecture on June 23. Hashimoto told Matsuno that the JIP should submit to the Diet its counterproposal to the government-drafted security-related bills. Hashimoto was apparently indicating his objection to Matsuno’s remarks hinting at the possibility that the JIP will not submit a counterproposal unless it can reach an agreement on revisions with the ruling parties. Matsuno said on June 22: “It doesn’t make sense to submit something that will not be passed.”


 Osaka Gov. Ichiro Matsui, an adviser to the JIP, and Mikio Shimoji, a Lower House special committee director, were also present at the meeting. After the meeting, Matsui said to reporters: “The JIP should submit a bill and assert its view fairly and squarely. The Liberal Democratic Party, the Komeito party, and the Democratic Party of Japan should clearly state their positions to the public.” Hashimoto reportedly expressed the same view as Matsui. They are apparently aiming to play up the JIP’s presence in the Diet. (Slightly abridged)

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