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ACSA to be revised for ammo supplies to U.S. military

  • 2015-06-30 15:00:00
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(Akahata: June 30, 2015 – p.2)


 In a meeting of the House of Representatives Security Legislation Special Committee held on June 29, Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida expressed his view for revising the Acquisition and Cross-servicing Agreement (ACSA) in order to provide ammunition to the U.S. military. Kishida was replying to a question asked by the Japan Innovation Party’s Sekio Masuta.


 Masuta asked: “The ACSA as the basis for mutually providing commodities and services stipulates that munitions are not included. In the security legislation, the government clearly states that munitions are included. What is the government view on this?” Kishida replied, “The government wants to swiftly conclude Japan-U.S. ACSA negotiations and proceed with the process for the Diet’s approval,” showing his desire for revising ACSA that is connected to the war legislation. Although revising ACSA is a matter requiring Diet approval, the government does not include it in the war legislation submitted to the Diet at its current session.


 Regarding providing weaponry which is not included in the war legislation, Defense Minister Gen Nakatani said, “As long as the U.S. does not request, Japan will not provide.” In other words, Nakatani indicated that Japan will provide weapons if the U.S. requests.

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