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Archaeological survey for cultural assets begins in U.S. military camp in Okinawa

  • 2015-07-08 15:00:00
  • , Tokyo Shimbun
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(Tokyo Shimbun: July 8, 2015 – p.6)


 The Nago City Board of Education in Okinawa Prefecture began on July 7 an excavation at the U.S. military’s Camp Schwab as part of an archaeological survey in accordance with the Cultural Properties Protection Law. The site is adjacent to the shore of Henoko in Nago City, the proposed site for the relocation of Futenma Air Station. The survey site is close to the area where equipment for reclamation is to be placed. This may affect the government’s relocation process.


 Multiple remains of the prehistoric era have been found at the proposed construction site. The city board of education is planning to conduct excavations for the archaeological survey at 331 spots by the end of February next year. In the excavation conducted by the city board of education during February to March, a cultural asset in the form of a “stone anchor” used by the Ryukyu Kingdom and China as a weight for a ship’s wooden anchor was found.


 The city board of education made a request in April for the cultural asset survey, which the U.S. military permitted in June.

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