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Groups at 18 universities release statements opposing war legislation

  • 2015-07-23 15:00:00
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(Akahata: July 23, 2015 – Top play)


 Joint movements by university students, academics, and faculty members to abolish the unconstitutional war legislation are spreading. At the University of Tokyo and Kyoto University, students and like-minded teaching staff held gatherings on their campuses. Their opposition to the war legislation has snowballed since the cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe steamrolled the legislation in the House of Representatives. As of July 20, groups of like-minded faculty members (including students at some universities) at 18 universities have released statements opposing the legislation. (Abridged)


 The following is a list of the universities at which like-minded faculty members have released statements opposing the war legislation (as of July 20):


l Sapporo Gakuin University


l Ibaraki University


l International Christian University


l University of Tokyo


l Tokyo Gakugei University


l Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology


l Meiji Gakuin University


l Wako University


l Waseda University


l Dokkyo University


l Nihon Fukushi University


l Nagano University


l Kyoto University


l Doshisha University


l Ritsumeikan University


l Shimane University


l Yamaguchi University


l Seinan Gakuin University


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