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PM Abe calls for “maximizing national interest” in TPP talks final phase

(Asahi: July 25, 2015 – p. 7)


 Ahead of the start of the TPP ministerial meeting in Hawaii from July 28, the government held a meeting of the key cabinet ministers on July 24 to review the current status of the negotiations. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stated at the beginning of the meeting: “We have almost reached the goal. Negotiations are toughest in the final phase. I hope for results that will maximize national interest.”


 TPP Minister Akira Amari, who will represent Japan, stated after the meeting: “Japan is going to this meeting with the determination to reach an agreement in the negotiations.” He also showed confidence in arriving at an agreement in the Japan-U.S. talks, remarking that, “The talks will not break down due to issues between Japan and the U.S.”


 According to Amari, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Yoshimasa Hayashi asked for “tough negotiations” at the meeting, “so that we can say we stood by the (Diet) resolution.” (Slightly abridged)

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