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First meeting of experts on “Japan House” on July 27

  • 2015-07-28 15:00:00
  • , Yomiuri
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(Yomiuri: July 28, 2015 – p. 4)


 The Foreign Ministry held the first meeting of the council of experts on “Japan House” communication centers, which the government plans to set up in major cities abroad. The participants agreed to provide the government with advice regarding the management of the centers. The ministry will hold four meetings a year to discuss ways to effectively disseminate information on Japan’s culture, cutting-edge technology, and the results of international contributions, among other things.


 The council is composed of 17 members, including Keio University Prof. Naoyuki Agawa; Tetsuya Bessho, an actor; Amon Miyamoto,a director; and Mamoru Mori, an astronaut and the chief executive director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.


 During the meeting on the 27th, Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs Kentaro Sonoura asked for the experts’ cooperation, saying, “Our aim is to convey overseas information on the real Japan. We want to increase the number of Japan experts and people who like Japan.”

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