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Short takes from the weeklies

  • 2015-08-07 15:00:00
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 Political merry-go-round

 [Shukan Bunshun, 8/13&20/2015 issue, p. 44]


o “The Liberal Democratic Party’s presidential election is scheduled for September 20. Seiko Noda, former chief of the party’s policy board, is apparently eager to run in the race.” (Fumiya Shinohara, political commentator)


o “If the Abe cabinet’s support rate drops further, Regional Revitalization Minister Shigeru Ishiba, who criticized Prime Minister Abe over the security legislation, is also likely to run in the party race.” (Shinohara)


o Despite her eagerness to run for the LDP’s presidency, Noda is hardly expected to be able to obtain the required recommendations from at least 20 LDP lawmakers so she can run in the race.


o “If he runs, he is more likely than Noda to win the race.” (an assistant political editor, implying that Shigeru Ishiba stands a chance to defeat Noda in the party race if they both run)


o Ishiba has not ruled out the possibility of running in the race.


 Musical chairs in the Diet

 [Shukan Shincho, 8/13&20/2015 issue, p. 37]


o Mizuho Fukushima, 59, formerly the Social Democratic Party’s leader and now the party’s deputy head, is clinging to her Diet seat!


o Fukushima is the first one who labeled the government’s proposed package of security-related legislative measures “war legislation.”


o “Next year’s election for the House of Councillors will be a battle for our party to survive.” (an SDP source)


o “But Mr. Yoshida is already in danger of losing his seat in the Diet because of Ms. Fukushima.” (the foregoing source, noting that Tadatomo Yoshida, 59, currently the SDP’s head, is now certain to be defeated in the election since Fukushima has been obstinately refusing to run in the election from Kanagawa Prefecture’s electoral district, where she represents the party’s local chapter, instead of going on the party’s proportional representation list)


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