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NPO survey: 83% of South Korean, 56% of Chinese opinion leaders critical of Abe Statement

(Mainichi: August 25, 2015 – p. 2)


 Genron NPO, an non-profit organization headed by Yasuhi Kudo, released on Aug. 24 the results of its survey of opinion leaders in Japan, China and South Korea on Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. According to the results of the survey, 83.1% of South Korean opinion leaders and 56.6% of Chinese ones said that they “do not approve of the Abe statement.” The results of the survey clarified that there are strong views critical of the Abe statement in China and South Korea.


 The survey of academics, media personnel and others was conducted Aug. 18-22. A total of 803 opinion leaders – 307 Japanese, 337 Chinese, and 159 Koreans – responded. Among the Japanese experts, 45.6% said they “approve of the statement, while 41.7% said they “don’t.” Only 21.4% of the Chinese experts and 5.7% of the South Korean experts said they “appreciate it.”


 Asked about whether the Abe statement will be able to improve Japan-China and Japan-South Korea relations, 25.4% of the Japanese said “the the statement are useful,” while 25.1% said it was “not useful.” However, 74.9% of South Korean experts and 54.9% of Chinese experts said that the statement “did not improve the relations.


 Asked about the mention of an “apology” in the Abe statement, 88.7% of South Korean experts and 64.7% of Chinese experts said they did not sense remorse for a war of aggression.”


 When asked their reasons for their disapproval of the statement, 39.7% of the Japanese opinion leaders that “they can’t detect Prime Minister Abe’s own thoughts on Japan’s responsibility for the war and on peace.”

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