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Japan to pay 1.2 billion yen for relocation of USMC Okinawa

  • 2015-10-21 15:00:00
  • , Tokyo Shimbun
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(Tokyo Shimbun: October 21, 2015 – p.2)


In accordance with the agreement between Japan and the U.S. concerning the implementation of the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps from Okinawa to Guam, the two governments signed on Oct. 20 an official note in which Japan agreed to pay $13.3 million (about 1.2 billion yen) as the cost of the design for training facilities to be built by the U.S. military on Tinian in the Northern Mariana Islands.



The agreement stipulates that Japan will share the cost for the relocation of the U.S. Marine Corps up to $2.8 billion. Japan’s payment this time was decided as part of the agreement. Japan will pay for the preparation of training facilities for the second consecutive year.

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