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LDP to “dismiss” Funada as chair of constitutional revision promotion panel

(Sankei: October 23, 2015 – p. 5)


 The ruling Liberal Democratic Party decided on Oct. 22 to remove Hajime Funada from the post of chair of the Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision to the Constitution. The LDP will appoint former Justice Minister Eisuke Mori as his replacement. The personnel changes will be decided at a General Council meeting on Oct. 23.


 Funada serves as the party’s chief secretary general of the House of Representatives Commission on the Constitution. At a commission session in June, constitutional scholars recommended by the LDP said the security bills are unconstitutional and deliberations on the bills were stalled. As Funada had been involved in selecting the scholars to hear their views on the security legislation at the Lower House, some in the LDP called on Funada to take responsibility. Therefore, Funada was, in effect, sacked.


 With an eye on the realization of a “society in which all 100 million people can be active, a showcase policy of the third Abe cabinet, the LDP will set up a headquarters to promote the policy and appoint former Diet Affairs Committee Chairman Ichiro Aizawa as head of the headquarters.


 The promotion headquarters will formulate emergency measures on such issues as support for raising children in time for the compilation of a budget draft for fiscal 2016. The LDP plans to make the empowerment of all citizens a campaign pledge in the House of Councillors election.


 At the General Council meeting on the 23rd, the LDP will formally decide on the appointment of Shinjiro Koizumi, former parliamentary vice minister for reconstruction, as director of the Agriculture and Forestry Policy Division and Masako Mori, former state minister in charge of measures for the declining birthrate, as director of the Environment Policy Division.

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