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Gist of PM Abe’s remarks at Japan-China-ROK summit

(Sankei: November 2, 2015 – p. 5)


 By Masataka Mine in Seoul


 Japan-China-ROK cooperation


 Japan will further promote cooperation in disaster prevention, the environment, youth exchange, economics, and so forth. We will continue vigorous negotiations and work for the early conclusion of talks on the trilateral free trade agreement (FTA) and the East Asian Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) as major pillars of East Asian economic integration.


 Regional, international affairs


 I seek the understanding of China and the ROK for an early solution to the abduction issue. It is important to enhance discussions on security and strengthen the institutions of the East Asian Summit, which is marking the 10th anniversary of its founding.




 (An explanation on the new “three arrows” — strong economy, child care support, and social security to give the people peace of mind – was made.) We will continue to contribute to regional and world economic growth.


 Global issues


 ISIL has become an even more serious threat to the international community. It is important for all nations to cooperate in making multifaceted long-term efforts.


 View of history


 I issued a statement on the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II last August. The position taken by previous Japanese cabinets remains unchanged. Japan will continue to make further contributions to the peace and prosperity of the international community based on its experience as a peaceful country. As we face history squarely, it is also necessary to cooperate for the future. It is not productive to focus only on specific events in the past. We hope to continue to build on the positive history of Japan-China-ROK cooperation.


 Trilateral summit


 Based on the discussions at this meeting, Japan would like to serve as the host country of a summit that will further promote positive cooperation.

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