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Short takes from the weeklies

  • 2015-11-05 15:00:00
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 “Cat” & “dog”

 [Shukan Shincho, 11/12/2015, p. 32]


o “They’re like cat and dog with each other. They hardly talk at all to each other. They’re backbiting each other.” (a source at the prime minister’s office [Kantei], referring to two deputy chief cabinet secretaries that are at odds, namely Hiroshige Seko, 52, and Koichi Hagiuda, 52)


 Behind the scenes of PM Abe’s ROK visit

 [Shukan Shincho, 11/12/2015, p. 128]


o A Liberal Democratic Party official said in an angry voice: “This time around, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Koichi Hagiuda accompanied Prime Minister Abe on the occasion of his recent visit to South Korea. It’s been customary that the deputy chief cabinet secretaries, who are lawmakers from the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors, accompany the prime minister by turns when he goes abroad. It happened to be Mr. Hagiuda’s turn, so this time he accompanied the prime minister to South Korea. Concerning this, officials from the South Korean Embassy asked the LDP’s Nikai faction lawmakers and others not to have Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Hagiuda accompany the prime minister. Mr. Hagiuda is a Diet member who is said to be the furthest to the right even in the LDP. That’s probably why the South Koreans didn’t want him to come to their country. But they meddled in the Japanese government’s personnel screening for its diplomatic mission. That’s an extremely serious case of interference in the internal affairs of another country.


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