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Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department chief said to quit after G7 Summit

  • 2015-11-05 15:00:00
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(Sentaku: November 2015 – p. 11)


 There is a possibility that the new superintendent-general of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) since August, Kiyotaka Takahashi — who joined the MPD in 1980 – may step down at an early date after the Ise-Shima Summit.


 Takahashi’s predecessor, Naoyoshi Takatsuna, joined the department in 1981. It is said that Takahashi’s unusual appointment in reverse order of seniority was meant to address the needs of the G7 Summit. The plan was for Takahashi, who has rich experience in security matters, mto serve only in a short-term capacity.


 There is speculation that Takahashi’s successor will be Shunichi Kuryu, current head of the Commissioner General’s Secretariat at the National Police Agency (NPA). A reporter covering the MPD comments that Kuryu is an “excellent bureaucrat” who has strong connections with Diet members. It is rumored that he will succeed NPA Deputy Commissioner General Masayoshi Sakaguchi eventually and become the next commissioner general after Sakaguchi. This is because he was promoted by the previous Commissioner General Tsuyoshi Yoneda just before he stepped down. There is now a growing possibility that he may simply move on to become the MDP superintendent general.

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