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DCCS Hagiuda says Japan to call on ROK to present solution to comfort women issue

  • 2015-11-09 15:00:00
  • , Kanagawa Shimbun
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(Kanagawa Shimbun: November 6, 2015 – p. 2)


 In an interview with Kyodo News on Nov. 5, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Koichi Hagiuda indicated that the Japanese government will call on the government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) to present a concrete solution to the issue of comfort women. He said: “With respect to what we should do to make (former comfort women) live with their mind at ease and make the people of the two countries understand the issue to some extent, the ball is now in the ROK’s court.” He is known as an aide to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.


 About the possibility of fiscal spending by the Japanese government aiming at resolving the issue, Hagiuda pointed out: “Concrete measures will be drawn up from now on. We should consider what we should to make the Koreans think we are responding with good faith. We are looking forward to receiving proposals from the ROK side.” He left room for the possibility of fiscal expenditures by the government.


 He did not rule out the possibility of such measures as that Abe will send letters to former comfort women, by saying, “There are various ways.”


 He emphasized that it would be indispensable for Japan to come up with some measures so that the ROK side will not bring up the issue again. In connection with the view in the ruling Liberal Democratic Party calling for the removal of the statue of a girl symbolizing the suffrage of comfort women, which has been erected in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, he said: “In order not to drag the issue into the future, it is necessary to resolve all issues, including such a matter.”


 He welcomed the Japan-ROK summit between Prime Minister Abe and President Park Geun-hye on Nov. 2, where he was present. He said, “Japan has offered compensation and apologies to the ROK (regarding the comfort women issue). The two sides were able to hold a constructive discussion on how the two countries will continue talks on [Japan’s] further compensation.”


 Regarding constitutional reform, he said: “It is not a matter for which we should set a time limit to carry it out under the Abe cabinet,” indicating that the Abe administration will make efforts to revitalize the economy as top priority.

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