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Editorial: Strong solidarity needed to combat terrorism

  • 2015-11-17 15:00:00
  • , Sankei
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(Sankei: November 17, 2015 – p. 2)


 At the G20 summit held immediately after the terror attacks in Paris, the G20 member states expressed their solidarity with France one after another.


 It is extremely significant that the international community confirmed that it will stand together and not yield to terrorism.


 There is also an assessment that after being driven into a corner by the airstrikes by the coalition of the willing, the “Islamic State” extremist organization carried out the attacks in an attempt to force France to withdraw from the antiterrorism network.


 During the past few days, countries worldwide have expressed solidary with France in one way or another, including at the citizens’ level. If the terrorists are trying to drive a wedge between the countries fighting against terrorism, we must clearly reject such attempts.


 The French will continue to be at the forefront of the war against terrorism by beefing up security in order to head off future terror attacks. The international community should provide robust support for France.


 The issues that need to be addressed swiftly include preventing the infiltration of foreign combatants, enforcing rigorous border control, and cutting off terrorism financing


 The Paris attacks were apparently planned in Belgium and carried out with support from within France.


 The attacks were carefully planned and executed using cross-border networks. This is probably the reason for President Francois Hollande calling the attacks an “act of war.”


 France should examine whether it was able to effectively share information about terrorism with neighboring countries. Based on the result, it should take a second look at how information should be shared. This is an issue that should be addressed by other countries as well as France.


 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said at the G20 summit: “A terrorist attack could happen anywhere.” All nations should learn from the Paris attacks.


 Observers have pointed out that there is a possibility that one of the terrorists was pretending to be a refugee. Amid the complicated refugee situation in Europe, steady efforts are required to monitor the influx of people.


 Resolving the civil war in Syria, which is seen as a hotbed of terrorism, is crucial. Although U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a chance to hold talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit, the two leaders failed to coordinate their views on the airstrikes. We hope the two leaders will continue to hold talks and find a way to end the Syrian war. (Abridged)

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