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Gov’t finally posts explanation of constitutional interpretation on Kantei website

  • 2015-11-19 15:00:00
  • , Tokyo Shimbun
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(Tokyo Shimbun: November 19, 2015 – p. 6)


 On Nov. 18, the government finally posted an explanation of its constitutional interpretation, which allows the exercise of the right to collective self-defense, on the Kantei (Prime Minister’s Office) website’s special section about the security laws. Although the special section was launched on Oct. 20, the government had not posted an explanation about the exercise of the right to collective self-defense. According to the Cabinet Public Relations Office, it received about 220 opinions and questions about the right to collective self-defense in about one month until Nov. 16. Most of them said that the government’s interpretation “seems unconstitutional,” so the government decided to post an explanation on the website.


 In the special section, the government explains that it was decided in 1972 that the use of the collective self-defense right was unconstitutional because it would exceed the SDF’s operations that are allowed under the Constitution. It then explains that amid the changing international situation, if it recognizes that the existence of Japan is being threatened by armed attacks on other countries that have close ties with Japan, the use of force is allowed based on the right to collective self-defense as an inevitable measure for self-defense.


 The government explains that deterrence will be enhanced by demonstrating the unshakable Japan-U.S. alliance at home and abroad while displaying a map describing the expansion of joint exercises between the U.S. forces and the SDF.


 At a press conference on Nov. 18, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said: “The government has been doing its utmost to deepen (the understanding of the public)” on the security legislation.

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