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U.S. official says China is now more positive about TPP

  • 2015-11-24 15:00:00
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(Asahi: November 21, 2015 – p. 9)


 U.S. Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kurt Tong gave an interview to Asahi Shimbun in Tokyo on Nov. 20, wherein he said that China is now adopting a “more positive attitude” on the TPP. He indicated that while China has not taken a clear stand on the broad TPP agreement reached by 12 nations in October, it has softened its previous wariness.


 Tong is responsible for economic diplomacy in the State Department. He is in charge of interacting with China and other Asian countries.


 Tong pointed out that after the broad agreement was reached, “the Chinese government is now seeing the TPP in a more positive light, and this is significant.” He stated: “The Chinese authorities had a more negative image of the TPP before. I think after they studied the TPP, they realized that this is not an attempt to contain China, but a framework for a positive direction in the (Asia-Pacific) region.”

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