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Gist of outline of TPP policies

  • 2015-11-27 15:00:00
  • , Yomiuri
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(Yomiuri: November 26, 2015 – p. 11)


 Support for mid-ranking companies, small and mid-size enterprises to exploit new markets


 Target: At least 60% success rate in market exploitation or business expansion of eligible companies; national and local governments, chambers of commerce and industry, and other bodies shall set up consortia to support development of new products and opening up new markets.


 Promotion of export of contents, services, technology, etc.


 Target: Increase overseas sales of broadcasting programs and other contents to approximately 20 billion yen by FY2018 (about three times that of the FY2010 level); make efforts to deal with imitations and pirated copies, disseminate information to signatories of international agreements, and so forth.


 Strategic promotion of exports of agricultural, forestry, fisheries, and other food products


 Target: Frontload the target date for achieving 1 trillion yen worth of exports from 2020; promote overseas marketing of Japanese sake and food; utilize the system of branding products with place of origin.


 Promotion of infrastructure exports


 Target: Obtaining contracts worth around 30 trillion yen by 2020; promote the expediting of yen loan procedures, cooperation in human resources development, and leader-level marketing efforts.


 Promotion of technological innovation and productivity


 Target: Improve labor productivity in the services by 2.0% by 2020; promote technological development in IoT (Internet of Things) to link all goods on the Internet, artificial intelligence, robotics, and other fields; work on the necessary regulatory reforms.


 Promote active foreign investments


 Target: Realize at least 470 investment projects by foreign companies through the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) by FY2018; attract the R&D divisions and other high value-added operations of multinational companies.


 PR campaign for the regions


 Target: Increase tourist spending to 4 trillion yen in the year the number of foreign tourists reaches 20 million.


 Policies by sector


 Agriculture, forestry and fisheries


 Strengthen competitiveness: Support technological innovation by rice-, fruit-, and vegetable- producing regions and farmers; strengthen international competitiveness of livestock and dairy farmers through cost-cutting by introducing labor-saving equipment and other measures; expand exports of agriculture, forestry and fisheries products.


 Reserves for stability of income and supply: The government shall purchase an amount of domestic rice equivalent to the rice import quota (for the U.S. and Australia) as reserves; laws will be enacted to increase loss compensation for beef and pork producers from 80% to 90%.


 Food safety


 Strengthen inspection regimes for imported food products; consider expanding the system of place-of-origin labeling for food ingredients.


 Intellectual property


 Patents and trademarks: Take necessary measures with regard to indemnity systems for trademark infringement based on the principles of civil law; strengthen intellectual property strategy for regional and small and mid-size enterprises.


 Copyright: Law enforcement authorities’ investigation of certain cases of copyright infringement will not require litigation by the victims. Such cases will be limited in scope in order not to discourage derivative creative work.

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