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OECD data shows Japan ranked lowest in ratio of education spending to GDP

  • 2015-11-27 15:00:00
  • , Tokyo Shimbun
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(Tokyo Shimbun: November 25, 2015 – p. 6)


 Japan’s public spending on education as a proportion of its gross domestic product was the lowest among OECD nations in 2012, the latest report from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development shows.


 Japan’s educational spending amounted to 3.5% of its GDP. Along with Slovakia, Japan ranked lowest among the 32 OECD countries where comparable data was available. The OCED average was 4.7%.


 Japan has been at the bottom of the chart for five years in a row. Up until the preceding year, the statistics included public spending on preschool children. The latest figures only factored in public expenses from elementary school to university and are not comparable to data from the past years, but they suggest Japan’s public spending on education remains low. (Abridged)

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