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Cabinet sees support rate rebound to 49%

  • 2015-11-30 15:00:00
  • , Nikkei
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(Nikkei: November 30, 2015 – p. 1)


 According to a public opinion poll conducted by Nikkei Inc. and TV Tokyo on Nov. 27–29, support for the Abe cabinet has recovered to 49%, up by 8 percentage points from the previous survey taken in late October. The nonsupport rate declined by 6 percentage points to 36%. The poll also asked about the reduced tax rates to be implemented when the consumption tax is raised in April 2017. A total of 66% of respondents answered that “fresh foods and processed foods should be subject to reduced tax rates,” well above the 22% that said that “fresh foods should be subject to reduced tax rates.”


 The cabinet support rating returned to the levels seen in May and June before the escalation of conflict between the ruling and opposition parties during the Diet debate over the security legislation. The approval rate among men rose by 8 percentage points to 55% while that among women rose by 7 percentage points to 43%. The cabinet approval rate among those not affiliated with a political party rose to 27% from 14% in the last poll.


 Regarding the reduced consumption tax rates, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) plans to use 400 billion yen in fiscal resources and reduce the tax rates on fresh foods. Komeito insists that about 1 trillion yen in resources be used and that processed foods and other items be included as well.


 About 90% of Komeito supporters and 60% of LDP supporters responded that “fresh foods and processed foods” should be subject to the reduced tax rates while 62% of those supporting the cabinet and 73% of those not supporting the cabinet approved the inclusion of both “fresh foods and processed foods.” A total of 74% thought that the introduction of reduced tax rates was “necessary” while 18% thought it was “unnecessary.”


 The telephone survey targeted adult men and women across the nation and was conducted on a random digit dialing (RDD) basis by Nikkei Research Inc. It canvassed 1,365 households with eligible voters, with 985 responding, for a response rate of 72.2%.

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