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Citizen’s group claims security legislation unconstitutional, plans to sue gov’t

(Asahi: December 22, 2015 – p.34)


 In a press conference held on Dec. 21 in Tokyo, a group of lawyers announced a plan to bring a class action lawsuit against the government over the unconstitutionality of the security legislation. The Diet passed the legislation in September. The lawyers claim that the security legislation will violate “the right to live in peace” guaranteed by the Constitution. The group is planning to file a class action for governmental compensation across the country as early as next spring.


 The group is “the Association for a Lawsuit over the Unconstitutionality of the Security Legislation.” The group also intends to demand the suspension of Self-Defense Forces activities in support of the exercise of the right to collective self-defense.


 The plaintiff group will organize further with citizens in localities across the country. It will also invite members of NGOs operating overseas, as well as residents of communities that host U.S. military bases. The group is reportedly planning to file at least eight lawsuits with district courts all over Japan as early as April next year.

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