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Abe to visit G-7 nations prior to Ise-Shima summit

In a front-page article on Sunday, Nikkei asserted that Prime Minister Abe is likely to visit the U.S. and Canada in late March or early April on the occasion of the nuclear security summit to be held in Washington. He is also expected to visit Britain, France, Germany, and Italy during the Golden Week holidays when he travels to Europe for the regular Japan-EU summit in Belgium. By meeting with his G-7 counterparts individually ahead of the G-7 Ise-Shima summit in late May, the premier hopes to lay the groundwork for in-depth discussions on such topics as terrorism, refugees and migrants, and naval security when they gather in Japan. The daily added that while in Washington, the prime minister may seek to hold a trilateral summit with President Obama and South Korean President Park with the goal of obtaining the U.S.’s endorsement of the comfort women agreement between Japan and the ROK.

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