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Abe hoping to insert “emergency situation clause” in Constitution

  • January 4, 2016
  • , Mainichi, Nikkei
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Friday’s Mainichi gave top play to the disclosure by an unnamed senior Abe administration official that the prime minister is considering proposing the adoption of an “emergency situation” clause in the Constitution as the first step toward revising the supreme law. The envisaged clause is intended to allow the term for Diet members to be extended in the event that national elections cannot be held due to natural disasters and other emergencies. The daily said the prime minister hopes that the insertion of this clause, which probably won’t trigger a strong reaction from most opposition parties, would help ease the public’s reluctance to revise the Constitution. According to the source, however, Abe does not believe it will be feasible to revise Article 9 while he is in office.


Sunday’s Nikkei wrote that the Komeito party is pressing the Abe administration to put off discussions within the ruling coalition on the subjects to be taken up as items for constitutional revision until after the summer Upper House election. The junior ruling partner has reportedly cautioned the administration against rushing to hold debate on amending the supreme law.

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