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Japan alarmed by rising tension between Saudi Arabia, Iran

  • January 6, 2016
  • , Yomiuri, Sankei
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Yomiuri reported that the GOJ is worried that the heightened tension between Riyadh and Tehran may have negative effects on the nation’s import of crude oil from the Middle East. Although a number of Japanese companies have expressed keen interest in investing in Iran following its nuclear accord with P5+1 last year, the latest development may prompt many of them to take a second look at expanding trade with Iranian counterparts. The article added that Abe’s desire to visit Tehran for the first time in almost 40 years as Japan’s leader will probably be dashed at least for a while, adding that the escalated showdown between the two major Middle East powers may be high on the agenda of the Ise-Shima G7 summit in May.  


Sankei claimed in a front-page item that the closure of the Strait of Hormuz by Iran or Saudi Arabia is becoming a real possibility, emphasizing that Japan has to be prepared for the “worst case scenario.” It praised the Abe administration for enacting the comprehensive security legislation, which allows Japan to exercise collective self-defense and remove mines even though the country is not attacked.  

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