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Ambassador Kennedy discusses DPRK nuclear test with Kishida

  • January 7, 2016
  • , Sankei
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Most papers reported briefly that Ambassador Kennedy met with Foreign Minister Kishida Wednesday afternoon and confirmed tripartite coordination with South Korea in dealing with the latest provocation by the DPRK. The Ambassador said: “We condemn any violation of the UNSC resolutions. We stand with Japan and our other allies … and we will work closely with them.” Kishida told the press afterward: “The Ambassador and I agreed that we condemn North Korea’s provocation and will coordinate closely.” All networks reported in their regular evening news programs on Wednesday on the Ambassador’s meeting with FM Kishida.


Meanwhile, Sankei claimed that PM Abe plans to speak by phone with President Obama this morning to confirm enhanced bilateral and international coordination to deal with North Korea while accelerating intelligence collection and analysis on the test.

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