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U.S., Japan, ROK confirm cooperation over North Korea

  • January 16, 2016
  • , Yomiuri, Nikkei , Kyodo
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Yomiuri wrote in its political news section on page 4 that Foreign Minister Kishida, Deputy Secretary of State Blinken, and South Korean First Vice Foreign Minister Lim agreed during their talks in Tokyo on Friday to strengthen cooperation between the U.S., Japan, and the ROK in dealing with North Korea. Kishida was quoted as telling the U.S. and ROK officials that Pyongyang’s provocations should never be allowed and that the three nations should act in concert. The paper wrote that Deputy Secretary Blinken said that the international community should respond resolutely to actions by North Korea that pose security threats. Nikkei on page 4 quoted Kishida as saying that the trilateral talks on Saturday will provide a good opportunity to demonstrate the unity between the three countries. Kyodo News filed a similar story on Friday evening with a photo of the officials at the talks.

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