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Gist of Taiwan president-elect’s news conference on Jan. 16

  • 2016-01-19 15:00:00
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(Nikkei: January 17, 2016 – p. 4)


 By Shuhei Yamada in Taipei


 Following is the gist of the news conference given by Taiwan’s president-elect, Democratic Progressive Party leader Tsai Ing-wen on Jan. 16:


 China-Taiwan relations


 I have pledged to build coherent, predictable, and sustainable relations between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait (China and Taiwan) during the election campaign. I will make every effort to maintain the current status of peace and stability between the two sides for the greatest benefit of the Taiwan people.


 Both sides need to make utmost efforts to find ways to engage in exchanges acceptable to both parties. The election results today reflect the popular will in Taiwan. Any form of pressure (from China) will damage stability in the relationship between the two sides.


 Economic policy


 Taiwan will have to implement many reforms in its trade and legal systems in order to be able to join the TPP, (which we hope to do). On the other hand, we need to establish a system for food safety while continuing our efforts to improve industrial competitiveness.


 Relations with Japan


 The Tiaoyutai Islands (Senkaku Islands) belong to Taiwan, but we attach great importance to relations with Japan. We do not want this territorial dispute to undermine the development of bilateral relations.


 South China Sea


 Although we claim sovereignty over a number of islands in the South China Sea, we will abide by international law, particularly the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. We support freedom of flight and navigation.


 We are opposed to all actions that heighten tension; we call for peaceful settlement of problems.

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