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JCP claims attack base for Japanese “marines” being built in Sasebo

  • 2016-01-21 15:00:00
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(Akahata: January 20, 2016 – Top play)


 Japanese Communist Party (JCP) Diet member Sohei Nihi disclosed at the House of Councillors Budget Committee on Jan. 19 that steps are being taken in Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture to build an attack base for the Self-Defense Forces’ (SDF) amphibious mobile regiment, or the Japanese version of marines. He demanded a stop to concrete policies for implementing the war laws, as well as the revocation of these laws.


 Nihi revealed that there is an ongoing plan to build a camp for the SDF’s amphibious mobile units and a new SDF base with a pier for berthing helicopter carriers in the Sakibe area of the Sasebo port, where U.S. Navy and Maritime SDF bases are concentrated.


 He asked if this is a plan to build a new joint base for ground and naval forces where the SDF amphibious mobile units will conduct training at sea like the U.S. Navy or Marines and where helicopter carriers, which can also carry Ospreys, will launch attacks.


 Defense Minister Gen Nakatani merely repeated his response that, “It is necessary to build amphibious combat capability steadily in order to ensure adequate response to attacks on islands.”


 Nihi pointed out that Yoji Koda, former SDF fleet commander, testified in the Diet in 2014 that amphibious combat capability would lead to the SDF’s overseas deployment, so “this had been a taboo until 10 years ago.” Nihi asserted that “deception will not work” no matter how much the Abe administration emphasizes “island defense” because this is an administration that has passed the unconstitutional war laws arbitrarily and opened the way to joining the U.S. military in using force overseas. (Slightly abridged)

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