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Spent nuclear fuel reprocessing corporation named

  • 2016-01-21 15:00:00
  • , Mainichi
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(Mainichi: January 21, 2016 – p. 25)


 The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) has decided on a name for the authorized corporation newly established to continue the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel after the liberalization of the electricity industry. The new corporation will be called the “Japan Spent Fuel Reprocessing Corporation.” Related legislative bills are now being submitted to the Diet. The relevant METI official announced the name of the corporation at the regular meeting of the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) on Jan. 20. The Corporation will require electricity companies to contribute reprocessing fees, and the actual reprocessing operations will be commissioned to Japan Nuclear Fuel Limited, which operates a spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant (in the village of Rokkasho in Aomori Prefecture). The aim is to strengthen the involvement of the national government so that electricity companies do not withdraw from reprocessing even after the liberalization of the electricity industry. An NRA official expressed the opinion that there are safety concerns because the authorized corporation is outside the scope of application of the Act on Control of Nuclear Reactors, Etc.

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