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Abe, Taiwan Pres.-elect said eyeing Japan-Taiwan “quasi alliance”

(Shukan Gendai: February 6, 2016 – p. 72)


 A mid-ranking Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) official close to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed that, “On the night of the Taiwan presidential election, Prime Minister Abe was eating sushi with Komeito Diet members in Ginza. He was so anxious about the result, as if it were an election involving a LDP candidate. When the first report that Tsai Ing-wen won came in, he smiled and got very excited.”


 The Taiwan presidential election took place on Jan. 16. “Pro-independence” Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) President Tsai Ing-wen, whom Abe called his “friend,” won a landslide victory with 6.89 million votes. With this, there will be a change of administration from the “pro-China” Kuomintang administration of Ma Ying-jeou from May 20.


 The above LDP Diet member also said: “Before the election, Prime Minister Abe had invited Tsai to visit Japan last October. He asked his younger brother, House of Representatives member Nobuo Kishi to accompany her and show her around in his hometown in Yamaguchi Prefecture. She was even taken to the grave of Yoshida Shoin [1830-1859; a distinguished intellectual], whom Abe venerates. Abe also had a secret lunch meeting with her at the Capitol Hotel Tokyu in Tokyo. The two pledged to work together to challenge Xi Jinping’s China if Tsai got elected.”


 Meanwhile, senior DPP officials are also making approaches to the Abe administration.


 “Soon after Tsai won the election, Prime Minister Abe sent a senior Foreign Ministry official to Taiwan as his ‘secret envoy.’ Taking time out from her very full schedule, Tsai met with the Japanese Foreign Ministry official at the DPP headquarters on the morning of Jan. 18 to discuss ‘strategy’ from now on.


 “[Taiwan] will no longer be restrained in dealing with the Xi Jinping regime on the mainland. Kuomintang President Ma Ying-jeou held the first Taiwan-China summit with Communist Party of China General Secretary Xi Jinping in Singapore last November. It will now be the turn of President Tsai to hold a Taiwan-Japan summit meeting with Prime Minister Abe.”


 According to a senior DPP official, the goal of Abe and Tsai is to form a “quasi alliance” between Japan and Taiwan with the U.S.’s help.


 As the Korean peninsula is being shaken by North Korea’s nuclear test, the Taiwan Strait is also likely to become turbulent.

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