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China proposes putting off sanctions on North Korea

(Asahi: February 1, 2016 – p. 6)


 A source familiar with the Six-Party Talks has disclosed that China is calling on the countries concerned to put off a conclusion on a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolution on sanctions against North Korea over its nuclear test until after the Chinese New Year (Feb. 8). China is apparently trying to stave off Japan, the U.S. and South Korea, which are calling for tougher sanctions in view of the possibility of instability in North Korea.


 According to the source, China expressed the view during the talks that it will be difficult to arrive at a conclusion at an early date because the relevant countries have different opinions on the specific details of the possible sanctions. Reportedly, China has proposed that a conclusion be reached after the Chinese New Year holidays on Feb. 7-13.


 Another source said: “China is maneuvering in order to weaken the sanctions if a resolution is adopted at an early date.” (Abridged)

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