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Tokyo police arrest handler for North Korean spies on suspicion of fraud

(Sankei: February 3, 2016 – p. 1)


 The Sankei Shimbun learned on Feb. 2 that a former senior official of Korea University (located in Kodaira City, Tokyo) had been involved in political maneuvering in South Korea based on instructions from North Korea’s spy agency known as Office 225. The Public Security Bureau of the Metropolitan Police Department arrested the man on suspicion of a fraud on Feb. 2. Suspecting that the man had been directing political maneuvering in South Korea as the person in charge of North Korea’s spy operations in Japan, the police intend to uncover the details of the case.


 The man is a former deputy chairman of the university’s faculty of business administration and his name is Pak Chae Hun, 49, a resident of Nerima Ward, Tokyo. According to the Public Security Bureau, the man has said that “he doesn’t remember clearly.” According to investigative sources, Pak was recruited by Office 225 in around 2000 and led its operations in South Korea.


 In addition to the collection of information on South Korean political circles, he was in charge of recruiting agents and conducting demonstrations and anti-government movements. He provided millions of yen to agents, issued orders to them, and received reports through encrypted e-mails. The Public Security Bureau believes that Pak carried out spy operations in Japan, where it is easy to conduct such activities, by taking advantage of his position as a North Korean resident in Japan. He was arrested on suspicion of illegally obtaining a credit card and using it to purchase PC equipment and other items.

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