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National Security Secretariat becomes gateway for bureaucrats’ career advancement

  • 2016-02-05 15:00:00
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(Sentaku: February 2016 – p. 11)


 The National Security Secretariat (NSS) has become the gateway for the career advancement of bureaucrats of the Foreign and Defense Ministry.


 In a surprising move during the personnel changes last fall, Kazuyuki Yamazaki, cabinet councilor in charge of the National Security Council (NSC) was promoted to the position of head of the Foreign Minister’s Secretariat. Another cabinet councilor, Satoshi Maeda was named head of the Defense Ministry’s key Defense Policy Bureau. While both officials are steady pairs of hands, they are not known to be aces. An aide to the Prime Minister explains that, “In addition to rewarding them for the enactment of the security laws, setting the pattern of officials serving in the NSS advancing in their career will also help strengthen bureaucrats’ loyalty to Kantei [Prime Minister’s Official Residence].”


 Officials to watch out in this summer’s appointments will be cabinet counselors Kazuo Masuda (from the Defense Ministry) and Takehiro Funakoshi (from the Foreign Ministry). They are both liked by Kantei officials. It is widely believed that Masuda will become the deputy director general of the Defense Policy Bureau, while Funakoshi will become head of the Personnel Division, which is a stepping stone to become the vice minister.

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