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One Hundred and Twenty-Five promising persons who will energize Japan

  • 2016-02-12 15:00:00
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(Bungeishunju: February 2016 – pp. 242-247)


l Promising persons in management and economics


Young Kwang Park (34 years old)

Founder and CEO of EBM (Engineering Based Medicine) Co., which developed surgical training models enabling complicated and difficult cardiac surgery training.

Masatoshi Takeda (42)

President of crossMedical, Inc., which developed “Cardio Simulator” using a 3D printer; president of Kyoto Shisaku Net.

Mayumi Sawada (32)

Creates “mediPhone” service, a remote medical interpretation application that provides medical interpretation services for non-Japanese speakers.

Toru Tokushige (45)

Founder of Terra Motors Co. with the top share of electric bikes in Japan. The company is aggressively making inroads into Asian markets.

Kazumasa Tomita (33)

Operator of financial media “ZUU online;” actively providing information to movers and shakers.

Mitsuru Izumo (35)

Became the first in the world to succeed in the mass outdoor cultivation of euglena. Put to practical use as a food and biofuel.

Tamako Mitarai (30)

Founder of Kesennuma Knitting Co.; sells fancy hand-knitted cardigans.

Akio Ono (59)

President of Ono Food Company in Kamaishi City; the company is rapidly growing on the strength of sales of frozen foods, mainly boiled fish.

Mariko Obayashi (43)

President of Smile Link, which supports the sales of 3D printers; before starting her 3D printer business she worked at Canon Inc.

Chika Tsunoda (29)

CEO of Anytimes Inc., web-based service providing housework and other services.

Minoru Yamamoto (37)

Started a business in Miyazaki Prefecture, where IT firms are gathering; supports over 1,000 online shops.

Kotaro Yamagishi (39)

Director of Gree Inc.; president of Keio University’s first venture company set up last December.

Kazuma Sekiie (49)

President of DISCO, which holds a 70% share of the market for semiconductor-processing equipment; devised a unique accounting system.

Fuhito Kojima (36)

Associate professor at Stanford University; specializes in game theory and market design.< /p>

Makiko Nakamuro (40)

Associate professor at Keio University; in her book “The Economics Academic of Ability” she discusses education based on science.

  • Ambassador
  • G7 Summit
  • Ukraine