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Onaga vows efforts to block construction of new base in Henoko will remain a centerpiece of policy

  • 2016-02-17 15:00:00
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(Akahata: February 17, 2016 – p. 4)


 Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga said in his policy address that efforts to block construction of a new base in Henoko remains a centerpiece of the prefecture’s policy.


 At the regular monthly prefectural assembly session, which began on Feb. 16, Onaga said that the U.S. Marines Corps Air Station Futenma should not be allowed to become a permanent facility. “We will urge the central government to remove the danger of the base, which includes the suspension of its operations, within five years,” he said.


 On the ongoing legal battle with the central government over the revocation of the approval of the Henoko reclamation project, he said that the prefectural government continues to argue and confirm the legitimacy of its position. (Abridged)

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