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One Hundred and Twenty-Five promising persons who will energize Japan

  • 2016-02-19 15:00:00
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(Bungeishunju: February 2016 – pp. 242-247)


l Promising figures in film-making, theater, entertainment


Hana Kuroki (25 years old)

Actress. Youngest Japanese winner of Berlin Film Festival’s Best Actress award for “Chiisai Ouchi (The Little House),” 2014

Mugi Kadowaki (23)

Actress. Played the heroine in “Ai no Uzu (Love’s Whirlpool),” which appeared in theaters in 2014, garnering many awards

Fumika Shimizu (21)

Actress. Her role as a friend of the heroine in NHK’s morning drama “Mare” was applauded

Tasuku Emoto (29)

Actor. Plays the role of the brother-in-law of the heroine in NHK’s morning drama “Asa ga Kita.” Son of the actor Akira Enomoto. Wife is the actress Sakura Ando.

Daigo Matsui (30)

Film director. Debuted in “Afro Tanaka” in 2012. Versatile, can do everything from acting to scriptwriting.

Tetsuya Mariko (34)

Film director. Learned firsthand from such film directors as Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Takeshi Kitano at the Graduate School of Tokyo University of the Arts. Produced highly praised independent films.

Yoshikazu Okada (56)

Scriptwriter. His works include NHK’s morning dramas “Chura-san” and “Ohisama”

Ebizo Ichikawa (38)

Kabuki actor. Also active in TV dramas and movies. Expected to lead the next-generation of Kabuki actors.

Kanjuro Fujima (35)

Nihon buyo (traditional classical dance) performer. Head of Soke-Fujima-Ryu Nihon Buyo dance school. Choreographs Ebizo Ichikawa’s overseas performances and other dance scenes in kabuki.

Hashinosuke Nakamura (50)

Kabuki actor. Will soon inherit his father’s name of “Nakamura Shikan.” Wife is the actress Hiroko Mita.

Ennosuke Ichikawa (40)

Inheritor of the “super-kabuki style” created by his uncle. Performed “One Piece” in super kabuki style last year.

Minosuke Bando (26)

Kabuki actor. His father Mitsugoro died last year. Performed three roles in “One Piece.”

Hayato Nakamura (22)

Kabuki actor. Drawing attention for the improvement in his skills. Published his own calendar and photography book.

 (Subsequent editions of Japan Press Highlights will include lists of promising persons in the arts, design, and sports.)

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